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Articles and Other Writings


Articles to make you smarterYou are welcome to reprint any article on this page, PROVIDED THAT you keep the resource box fully intact and inform us when and where you will use the reprint by sending a message to


These articles are an eclectic collection many authored by Laura about writing, publishing, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Others are penned by Write | Market | Design clients and colleagues. Others, still, are just things we find interesting and want to share.
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  Writing & Publishing

The Most Important Word in Any Author's Vocabulary
(by Scott Ginsberg for Bookmasters 04/2007)


As Featured On Ezine ArticlesThere's No Shame in Being a Bad Speller/Poor Grammarian
(by Laura Orsini 04/2007)


96-Year-Old Author Proves It's Never Too Late
(by Rebecca Santana Associated Press 03/2007)


Write It YOUR Way: Find Your Voice, and Use It!
(by Laura Orsini 02/2007)


Want to Be a Better Writer? Become a Better Reader
(by Laura Orsini 01/2007)


You're an Expert So Prove It! (by Laura Orsini 01/2007)


Write a List Grab the Cash! (by Laura Orsini 01/2007)


9 Mistakes Beginning Nonfiction Authors Make and How to Avoid Them (by Laura Orsini 12/2006)


Want People to READ Your Work? Hire a
Professional Editor
(by Laura Orsini 10/2006)


Writing on Health and Fitness (by Amanda Vogel 05/2006)


The 5 C's of Quality Content (by Laura Orsini 03/2006)


10 Mistakes Writers Typically Don't See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do) (by


Tone: The Writer's Voice in the Reader's Mind
(by Mort Castle)


The Secret of Impressive Writing? Keep It Plain And Simple (Science Daily)


The Author Power Team (by Shennandoah Diaz 06/2010)


Growing Your Author Platform One Library at a Time (by Peggy DeKay 03/2012)


How Do Authors Make Money? Thinking Beyond the Book (by Shennandoah Diaz - undated)


20 Tips for Winning Writing Contests
(by Diana Thurbon for Daily Writing Tips - undated)


Nonfiction Books Need Indexes
(by Stpehanie Daag of the Books Are Cool blog 04/2011)


PR & Media

PR Can Be a Very Useful Tool for Small Businesses
(by Laura Orsini 11/2006)


Media Releases Made Easy (by Laura Orsini 03/2005)


Media Interview Questions You Should Ask
(by Randall P. Whatley - undated)

10 Do's and Don'ts for Writing Today's News Release (by Scott Van Camp for PR News 10/2012)



The Power of Specialization
(by Peter Montoya - undated)


10 Steps to Growing Your Public Speaking Platform
(by Amanda Luedeke 02/2012)


7 Keys to Writing Great eZine Copy for Your Book Launch (by Lynn Serafinn for Spirit Authors 09/2012)


Language & Communication

Buzzwords Say All the Wrong Things
(by Matt at One Monkey's Uncle 09/2006)


I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar — Here's Why (by Kyle Wiens 07/2012)


What Makes eMail Ineffective, and Even Insulting

(by Dave Jouhson for CBS Moneywatch 09/2012)





Web Design

Guidelines for Writing a Good ABOUT Page
(by Jacob Gube 05/2010)



12 Tips for Making Small Talk
( 09/2006)


Improve Your Business Through Public Speaking
(by Laura Orsini 03/2006)


What's Your Networking Personality?
(by Laura Orsini 03/2006)


Taking the Sting Out of Networking
(by Laura Orsini 10/2005)


The 28 Principles of Irresistible Attraction
(adapted by Laura Orsini 05/2005)


How Connected Are We, Really?
(by Laura Orsini 02/2005)



Letting Your Words Speak for You: Increasing Expert Credibility in Your Industry or Profession
(by Laura Orsini 09/2005)


How Could Increased Credibility Help You Grow Your Business? (by Laura Orsini 08/2005)



Dealing With Loss at the Holidays (by Laura Orsini 12/2006)


How Important Is Goal-Setting, Really?
(by Laura Orsini 08/2004)


Using Mindmapping to Facilitate EFT
(by Steve Dawson 04/2004)


What's Working Well?
(by Karen Gridley 05/2011)


What Will It Take for You to Get Out of Your Own Way? (by Karen Gridley 04/2012)



Using Visualization for Better Performance
(by Laura Orsini 09/2003)


Is It Time to Bring More Creativity Into Your Life?
(by Laura Orsini 02/2003)


Social Commentary

Bowling for Democracy
(by Orlando Patterson and Jason Kaufman 05/2005)


If We're Honest, We'll Point That Finger at Ourselves (by Laura Orsini 07/2002)



Use a Personal Ad Doctor to Help You Get a Date!
(by Laura Orsini 01/2007)


How Gender Differences Affect Relationships
(by Laura Orsini 10/2006)


Coaching the Soul

(by Sunil Ahuja 02/2010)


The Never-Ending Upward Quest
(by Jessica Roemischer Fall/Winter 2002)


Why Spiritual Intelligence Is Essential to Mature Leadership (by Cindy Wigglesworth 2006)


Money & Finance

What's Your Money Blueprint?
(by Laura Orsini 12/2005)


Art for Money's Sake or Money for Art's Sake?
(by Laura Orsini 11/2005)


Handwriting Analysis

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis
(by Laura Orsini 09/2003)



Fiction & Poetry by Laura Orsini

Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World (Chapter 1)
Stan is  a work in progress, nearing completion . . . any day now!  Will be endeavoring to find an agent and the whole bit.  If anyone is interested in purchasing an e-copy now, please send an e-mail to

The Birthmother You Know

Esperanza and the Swan


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