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  Although they account for less than 10 percent of the entie book market, audio books are estimated to be a $2 billion industry that's billion with a B. Does your subject matter or existing book lend itself to the audio book format?

Remember, though, it all still starts with the words...
  Audio Book Scripts

An audio book is the oral reading of the contents (words) of a book; the book may or may not also exist as aTurn your book into an audio book for people on the go! printed, bound book. Audio books generally are distributed via digital formats like MP3s, but CDs and cassette tapes still comprise a significant portion of the audio book market. Audio books were originally known as "books on tape" however, as more and more books are being created to go direct-to-audio, the term "books on tape" is no longer always accurate.  As of early 2006, downloadable audiobooks accounted for approximately 6 percent of the book market in the United States. Current industry estimate sales in the audio book industry to hover at about $2 billion annually.


Unabridged audio books are word-for-word readings of an existing book, while abridged audio books have had some portion of their text edited out, usually to shorten the recording or for clarity. Some audio books come as fully dramatized versions of the printed book, utilizing a full cast, music, and sound effects fiction being the obvious genre to lend itself to this format. Every spring, the Audio Publishers Association, a nonprofit industry organization, awards the Audie Awards for outstanding efforts in performance and production in several literarty genres and categories of audio books.

  Who uses audio books?

Audio books are used to teach adults and children to read, and have been shown to increase reading comprehension. They alsoare  indispensable for the blind. Wikipedia reports that according to a recent National Endowment for the Arts study, "Reading at Risk," audio books are one of very few types of reading that is increasing general literacy.


Most new popular titles put out by the major publishers are available in audio book format simultaneously with publication of the hardcover edition. There are approximately 25,000 current titles on cassette, CD, or downloadable format. According to the Association of American Publishers, sales of downloaded audiobooks increased 36.7 percent in just one year from February 2010 to February 2011.


About 40 percent of all audio book consumption occurs through public libraries, with the remainder served primarily through retail book stores. Library download programs are currently experiencing rapid growth. According to Public Libraries Online, users at more than 13,000 libraries worldwide can now wirelessly download MP3 audiobooks on their BlackBerry devices.


Audio books are also used for education. Self-help audio books range from public speaking to learning meditation. Their general goal however is always to develop one's skills to be more happy and/or successful in life. While some focus on a particular skill, others aim to shift the listener's life entirely.


Audio books are considered a valuable learning tool because of their format. Unlike with traditional books, one can learn from an audio book while doing other tasks, although it should be noted that this can veer attention from the primary task. Such multitasking is feasible when doing mechanical tasks that do not require much thought and have only a very minor or no chance of an emergency arising. Such tasks include doing the laundry and exercising indoors, among others.

  Specific benefits of listening to audio books

Strategies that maximize the benefits derived from listening to an audio book include:


  • Replaying: Depending upon ones degree of attention and interest, it is often necessary to listen to segments of an audio book more than once to allow the material to be understood and retained satisfactorily. Replaying may be done immediately, and also after extended periods of time.


  • Notetaking: As people become busier and busier and commutes get longer and longer the market for audiobooks continues to grow.

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  Is it time for YOU to write an audio book?

As an author, the thing to remember is that the more different ways you deliver your product, the better your chance at making a sale and growing your market. If your book's content lends itself to an audio book, you would be smart consider delivering it in that format. And because an audio book does not require the detailed formatting and layout of a printed book or an eBook, it might be an easier starting point for some authors.


One note about your audio book: do not underestimate the importance of proper language and grammar. Just as the very best author of a printed book requires a qualified editor, the smart author of an audio book also will hire a highly skilled editor.

  Getting Started
  Let Write | Market | Design help you craft the perfect audiobook script so that you can reach your target audience. We can even record a 150-word audio sample from your book. You select the section of the book you'd like us to record. This sample will provide your potential customer about 60 seconds of listening time.  

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