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Are you looking for a great way to build your list and get your message
out to a wider audience?
Do you have expert knowledge you
could be sharing with your niche market? Why not host your
first teleseminar and watch the magical shift in your business?


Remember, though, every dynamic teleseminar begins with the WORDS... 

  Teleseminar Scripts

If you're an entrepreneur who's been on the Web for longer than an hour, you've probably eitherWrite a script for your teleseminar today! participated in a teleseminar, or at least have been invited to one. A teleseminar is a lecture, speech, workshop, or presentation held over conference line or a bridge line. The goal of a teleseminar is to provide information, training, education, or to promote and sell products to a niche group. The best teleseminars blend both of these goals: they educate and increase sales!

However, you generally cannot expect to sell anything unless and until you have first delivered the highest-quality content. Funny, no matter which aspect of writing you're working on, you keep hearing the same thing: Content is KING.

Teleseminars are similar to traditional seminars in content and purpose, but they are telephonic in nature, rather than occurring at a specific physical location. This modern method of communicating allows entrepreneurs and business owners to provide training and conduct business without the time, travel, and presentation materials costs of a traditional seminar.

 Teleseminar Benefits

Teleseminars are one of the fastest ways to make contact with and build relationships with your existing clients and prospects. No matter what business you are in, you can profit from successful teleseminars. Here are just a few different ways you can use teleseminars to grow your business:

  • Build rapport with clients and prospects so you can deliver the products and services they want.

  • Test your product ideas, risk-free before you invest the time and money in creating them!

  • Bridge the gap between e-mail marketing and live seminars, so that you attract more attendees who are already familiar with your speakers and ready to listen.

  • Generate new customers and increase your value for existing customers.

  • Quickly exchange ideas with people across the country or around the world.

  • Offer more effective training than simply providing static training materials because you can answer questions as they arise.

  • Bring people together very quickly to network, discuss an issue, or even conduct market research.

  • Create a product in just a few hours' time. You can literally give the teleseminar today and start selling the finished product tomorrow!

  • Speak directly to your prospects and customers in a live setting, rather than just through e-mail or an offline marketing campaign.

  • Stay casual, instead of requiring everyone to dress up and come to a formal meeting.

  • Save time and money by curtailing travel costs and presentation expenses.

  • Get started now virtually anyone can produce a teleseminar, regardless of your education, background, or previous level of success.

 Teleseminar Structure

The teleseminar host schedules a specific time and date in advance. Depending on the capacity of the bridgeline and the popularity of the teleseminar subject, the audience can vary in size from a few callers to more than 1,000 participants. The host typically allots a fixed period of time to the presentation of information, followed by another fixed period of time for questions and answers.

There are many online services that offer basic telseminar hosting at no cost. Simply do a search for "teleseminar services" or "free teleseminars" to find a lengthy list of options.

You can offer your teleseminars for free, or charge for participation. There are benefits to both models, and you will need to determine the best option for your particular purposes and your specific audience. The cost for fee-based teleseminars varies, depending on the subject matter and the notoriety of the host and/or the organization hosting the call.


Teleseminars provide an opportunity their hosts to provide information to a large number of people at once. This is an optimal form of leveraging your time, in that you are training many participants at once, rather than one-on-one. It's true YOU can get hundreds of people on the phone who will pay to listen to you or someone else speak on a topic of interest to them. It happens thousands of times around the world every week.

Even fee-based teleseminars provide a huge advantage for their students, in that they do not incur the hassle and expense of traveling to a live seminar. Participants can join the teleconference from home, or anywhere they have a telephone connection. (ONE NOTE: Use of cell phones for teleseminar participation is discouraged, in that they can create feedback, and participants can still be dropped in the middle of the call.)

After registering and paying the fee, if necessary, participants receive the dial-in phone number and pass code for the call. For free teleseminars, you may choose to distribute the phone numbers and pass codes via e-mail, or you can make a landing page with instructions available on your Web site.


The beauty of teleseminars for their hosts regardless of the number of participants is that they are always recordable. This allows the expert to leverage their time by creating an additional info product, in the form of an audio CD, MP3, or transcription of the teleseminar.



Ready to begin? Let's Get Started NOW!

 Is it time for YOU to hold a Teleseminar?

Chances are, if you've been in business for a while and are any good at all at what you do, you have the expert knowledge to conduct a successful teleseminar or series of teleseminars. However, there are a couple things you will need. The first is a great script. Some people balk at the idea of a script, because they don't want to sound canned. That's where rehearsal comes in! You can practice your script so that you know the content well and are able to read it without sounding like you're reading. But only if you first put it all down on paper.

In addition, you want to remember that we are a multitasking society. In order to get your audience members to slow down and pay attention to your teleseminar truly the ONLY way they will get much out of it you need to give them a reason to focus on the call. One very easy way to do this is by providing handouts. These can be offered in the form of PowerPoint slides, or simply Word documents that contain the outline of your script. One excellent teaching method includes using the text of your script nearly word for word, but replacing key words with blank lines, so that the audience must fill in the blanks as they listen, in order to have comprehensive notes when they end the call. The handouts needn't be Pulitzer-Prizewinning copy but they should be grammatically correct, follow an orderly layout, and contain easy-to-read text (minimum 14 point type) and blank lines that are big enough to write in.


Beyond providing all the content yourself, other ideas include:

  • Having someone interview you (i.e., writing your script in a question-and-answer format, and bringing in a guest to act as "host" or the interviewer)

  • Inviting other experts to join you while you interview them, or carry on a content-driven conversation about your chosen subject matter

One of the most important aspects of the script is your CALL to ACTION. Great you got all these people on the call. You've given them fantastic content that proves you really are an expert. Now what? What do you want them to do next? You must have a next step for them to take. Whether that's to visit your Web site, purchase your product, or hire you as a consultant ... they're not going to guess and they're not going to take that action unless you guide them through it.

If you don't write this out ahead of time and practice it until you are absolutely comfortable speaking it chances are good that you'll flub this opportunity and waste this chance in front of your prospects. You don't have to use a hard-sell technique. In fact, the best sales technique is the one that's natural for you. However, you do have to close the deal...meaning you need your participants to take that next step.

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Look, you're the expert at your business. We're the experts at words. If you're unsure how to put your teleseminar script together, are uncomfortable with the call to action, or just want us to read over your script to make sure it makes sense, we can do that.

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EVERY business is a
teleseminar business.

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