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Tired of the time, trouble, and effort it takes to put on live conferences...
what with securing the venue, hiring the caterer, booking air travel, and creating presentation materials? More and more, Webinars are
becoming a viable option for delivering quality presentations that
involve less time and effort on the host's part.


Remember, though, every great Webinar begins with the WORDS...

  Webinar Scripts
   Still somewhat less common than the teleseminar, a webinar is a seminar offered via the Internet. LikeWrite a webinar script and grow your platform today!

traditional in-person seminars, most webinars are interactive. Some contain video...most incorporate audio, if only via a simultaneous teleconference. Like a teleseminar, the goal of a webinar is to provide information, training, education, or to promote and sell products to a niche group. The best webinars blend both of these goals: they educate and increase sales!


However, you generally cannot expect to sell anything unless and until you have first delivered the highest-quality content. Funny how, no matter which aspect of writing you're working on, you keep hearing the same thing: Content is KING.

 Creating quality content
  No one wants to attend a webinar that's merely an infomercial. Successful virtual events give people the information they want and need. They help people solve problems. The success of any seminar event, virtual or not, is primarily driven by the topic.

You must offer material on a subject that really speaks to the audience you want to reach one that is educational or solves a problem they're dealing with. Determine your niche participants' hot buttons. New statutes or laws, major court decisions, regulatory changes, new business opportunities, and impending market changes all hold the potential to be hot webinar topics. Marry your expertise with a time-sensitive subject and you cannot go wrong.

By offering content on topic your clients or prospects need to know about, you will grab their attention and they will come. This is where WIIFM matters hugely. You won't get attendees unless the answer to "what's in it for me?" motivates them to take their time to attend. Give them useful information and a great learning experience, and they will come.
 Questions to ask when selecting your topic

Is your topic practical?

  • How many of your members, clients, or subscribers does it affect, and how does it affect them?
  • Do you have an answer to a problem that will help them succeed?
  • How important is the topic to them? Are they willing to take time out of their busy schedule to participate in your webinar?

Why are you the one to whom your potential registrants would look for this type of information?

  • Is the topic aligned with your typical offerings?
  • Does the topic deal with your audience's main issues and concerns?
  • Who else provides this type of information to your potential attendees who are your competitors?

Can the information be covered in two hours or less?

  • Two hours is about the longest session participants will easily tolerate in this format.
  • Short, highly focused, practical presentations are generally the most successful.

How can you take advantage of the virtual format?

  • By offering a virtual event on a very narrow, niched topic, you can draw large numbers of attendees who would not spend the time or money to attend a live program on the same subject.
  • Quickly sponsor an event based on a hot topic. Pulling your webinar together in fewer than three weeks is a great way to become an industry leader on a hot topic.
  • Invite speakers from geographically diverse locations, or government officials and experts you might never secure for a face-to-face program.
  • Increase attendance by scheduling a webinar to meet the needs of international participants.
 Determining your presenter
  There's no denying that a bigger name presenter will be a bigger draw for your participants. This is not to say that YOU should not present the material if you are hosting the webinar; however, you might want to consider inviting a recognized expert, an author, or a person who has succeeded in solving this particular problem as a guest.

You may worry that you could never land a big-name presenter to participate in your webinar, but the big names may be easier to get than you think. Of course, you can pay them if that's in your budget.

However, once they learn about your marketing and promotion plans for the event, the amount of publicity they'll get, and the exposure to an audience they want to reach, they may reduce their fee, agree to take a percentage of sales, or do it for free. An offer to share the leads the event generates might be all it takes.

But a big-name presenter is not essential. By having a big name, you may build a bigger audience for that particular webinar, but a series of content-focused events can allow you to pull in more and better-qualified leads over the long term. Multiple events also give your clients and prospects the option of several dates and times.

In lieu of a big-name speaker, you might consider lesser known people who are outstanding experts on your subject. Your webinar will give them a platform, access to an audience, a chance to be the expert and gain more recognition for themselves or their company.

Remember, the keynote presenter doesn't necessarily present the entire webinar. Depending on their willingness, you can interact together in an interview or co-teaching format.

 A Webinar is a REAL seminar

A webinar is a REAL seminar!In order for your webinar to succeed, you must treat it like any other seminar or event. Think about it as a real event, because it is. Prepare for it with the same care and diligence you would take if you were going to be standing in a room in front of your audience. One thing you would provide in a face-to-face seminar is handouts. For your webinar, you will want to create a detailed agenda, along with appropriate supporting materials. You may also want to share a video, spreadsheet, or Web site to keep your webinar interactive and help you answer questions easily and precisely.

You will want to schedule a specific time and date for your webinar in advance. As it will be delivered live via the Web, your audience capacity is virtually unlimited. As with a traditional seminar, you will likely want to allot a fixed period of time for presenting the information, followed by another fixed period of time for questions and answers.

Many online services offer advanced webinar hosting, with such things as live chat and recording services. Simply do a search for "webinar services" to find a lengthy list of options.

You can offer your webinar for free, or charge for participation. There are benefits to both models; only you can determine the best option for your particular purposes and your specific audience. The cost for fee-based webinars varies, depending on the subject matter and the notoriety of the host and/or the hosting organization.

Even fee-based webinars provide a huge advantage for their students, in that they do not incur the hassle and expense of traveling to a live seminar. Attendees can participate in the webinar from home, or anywhere they have an Internet connection.

You will want to create a registration page on your Web site that directs registrants to a landing page containing instructions for the webinar.

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 Is it time for YOU to hold a webinar?

Chances are, if you've been in business for a while and are any good at what you do, you have the expert knowledge to conduct a successful webinar or series of webinars. However, there are a couple things you will need. The first is a great script. Some people balk at the idea of a script, because they don't want to sound canned. That's where rehearsal comes in! You can practice your script so that you know the content well and are able to read it without sounding like you're reading. But only if you first put it all down on paper.

In addition, you want to remember that we are a multitasking society. In order to get your audience members to slow down and pay full attention to your webinar truly the ONLY way they will get much out of it you need to give them a reason to focus on the presentation. One very easy way to do this is by providing handouts. You can offer these in the form of PowerPoint slides, or simply Word documents that contain the outline of your script. One excellent teaching method includes using an outline of your script, but replacing key words with blank lines so that the audience must fill in the blanks as they listen, in order to have comprehensive notes once the webinar is over. The handouts needn't be Pulitzer-Prizewinning copy but they should be grammatically correct, follow an orderly layout, and contain easy-to-read text (minimum 14 point type) and blank lines that are big enough to write in.

One of the most important aspects of the script is your CALL to ACTION. Great you have all these people listening intently to your well-crafted material. You've given them fantastic content that proves you really are an expert. Now what? What do you want them to do next? You must have a next step for them to take. Whether that's to visit your Web site, purchase your product, or hire you as a consultant...they're not going to guess and they're not going to take that action unless you guide them through it.

If you don't write this out ahead of time and practice it until you are absolutely comfortable speaking it chances are good that you'll flub this opportunity and waste this chance in front of your prospects. You don't have to use a hard-sell technique. In fact, the best sales technique is the one that's natural for you. However, you do have to close the deal...meaning you need your participants to take that next step.

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Look, you're the expert at your business. We're the experts at words. If you're unsure how to put your webinar script together, are uncomfortable with the call to action, or just want us to read over your script to make sure it makes sense, we can do that.

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