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  You're getting the traffic, but are people buying?

Your website is a HUGE part of a successful platform.If “I don’t know,” “I guess so,” or “What difference do the words make — I’ve got great graphics!” is your answer to that question, your Web copy probably needs help.

There’s no denying that good graphics are important — but it's the words that sell. Regardless of your business or industry — the words are the things that compel people to buy from you, use your services, and refer others to you. They are the only thing that can truly convey the message of who you are and how you work. Give people the reasons you're different. The best Web site integrates great design with superlative copy.

 3 Components of Every Successful Website

* Inviting, functional design

* Compelling, hypnotic copy

* Awesome search engine optimization (SEO)

  A successful website has good design, copy, and SEO.  
  Do not make the mistake of assuming that your Web designer will write your copy for you!  
  People often hire a highly skilled Web designer to build them a site with all the bells and whistles, failing to realize that the designer just creates the shell, the template. The client – that's YOU – is responsible for the text that fills in all the blank space.

Do you know what to include? Obvious things are your mission statement, your corporate philosophy, your product descriptions, and contact info. Is that enough, though? Highly unlikely.

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 The King Is Still in the House!
  You may have tired of hearing that old phrase, "Content is king," but if you're ignoring it, you're in trouble. According to the Online Publishers Association (OPA), back in 2003, only about 34 percent of Internet users' time was spent reading content. At that time, content came in second to communications (e-mail, IM, etc.), which consumed about 46 percent of Internet users' time. However, as of May 2007, OPA reports a veritable reversal in those numbers: content now commands 47 percent of Internet users' time, while communications takes up only 33 percent.

Beyond the basics, are you equipped to provide comprehensive content that represents your expertise in your industry as well as possible? Do you have a stash of well-written, informative articles ready to add to your site? Is your blog up and functioning? Are your prepared with words that will sell you to your niche clients, and create repeat visitors and word-of-mouth traffic?

One thing you must remember is that good copywriting appeals to the emotion of your prospective reader/customer/client. In order to do this well, you’ve got to get into your reader’s head and know what will compel or entice them to want to learn more. In short, pose the question that they are seeking to answer! A financial advisor client of ours works specifically with retirement planning. So, in order to craft a good headline at the height of the financial meltdown, we went to someone with that particular concern, asking, “What specifically keeps you up at night when you think about your financial future?” His answer became our headline: Are you worried that you’ll NEVER be able to retire?

Master Internet marketer Joe Vitale defines hypnotic writing as “intentionally using words to guide people into a focused mental state where they are inclined to buy your product or service.” Any words you use that cause your readers to react because of the mental images you plant in their minds qualify as hypnotic writing. Telling stories is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do this. If your sales copy is going to be effective, it must be hypnotic!

For a look at a great sales letter that pushes just the right emotional buttons, combined with a compelling offer and great testimonials, visit our client's site:
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We’re all busier than we’ve ever been before, and information pummels us relentlessly from all sides. This is no different for your visitors and would-be clients. You want to make sure your Web site is inviting, interesting, and useful to your clients. Think of your Web site as your online client scout. It's often the first introduction a prospect has to you and your business. So what kind of an impression are you making? What kind of an impression do you WANT to make? Do you have typos? Misspellings? Clunky, awkward sentences that don't really convey any useful information?


If your Web copy's not quite saying what you want it to say about you . . .  if your SEO could use a boost, or if you just want someone to review your site for professional feedback, e-mail us today or fill out our Clent Intake Form. Improve your traffic and convert more visitors today!


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