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  Comparison of eBook Distribution Services
  • There is no setup fee to upload your eBook to this site and it distributesSmashwords across all channels except Amazon - that is a separate (albeit relatively simple) endeavor.
  • You set the price of youreBbook, but you are required to make a percentage of the book available for free so potential readers can review it. I usually suggest 10 to 15%.
  • You can change the price and description of your book as often as you like. You can also upload a new version of the content or cover (if you've corrected spelling or grammar errors, for example) for no additional fee.
  • There ARE limitations on formatting - color is disallowed, and all font sizes must be relatively uniform (12 pt. to 18 pt. is the allowable range).
  • Smashwords provides a free ISBN that is exclusive to them or a universal ISBN (you can use it anywhere) for $10. This is deducted from the royalties from your book sales.
  • Smashwords takes 15% per book sale (plus PayPal transaction fees) so you wind up earning about 77% of your sales price.
  • They pay at the end 30 days, provided you have a minimum of $10 accrued for PayPal or $75 for a paper check.
  • This is the best site for distributing your book via iTunes.
  • They charge a one-time setup fee of $99 and a service fee of $19 annually (after the first year), but take NO per-sale fees for the eBooks you sell. So everything after you recoup your initial $99 is pure profit, provided you don't need to make any changes to your eBook. (see below)
  • They charge $19 for the ISBN.
  • You set the price and receive all royalties.
  • You can change the price and description of your eBook once per year for no cost (any additional changes are $50 each).
  • If you need to make any content changes, they charge by the number of changes ($50: 1-10 changes; $75: 11-25 changes; $100: 26-50 changes).
  • When you sign up for BookBaby, you set a pay point for your account, which can be as low as $10. Once you accrue that much in earnings, BookBaby will automatically issue payment the following Monday. Payment options include PayPal, direct deposit, or a paper check.
  • BooktangoThere is no fee for set up.
  • You receive 100% of money for ebooks sold through their site.
  • Booktango does handle uploading to Amazon, so there's no additional step there.
  • You receive a free ISBN when you publish through Booktango - but it is exclusive to Booktango (i.e., you can't use it anywhere else).
  • You set the price of your book - but it must fall between their required minimum ($0.99) and maximum ($9.99). So you cannot charge more than $9.99 for your book if you list it on Booktango.
  • They pay quarterly by check, once you've accrued at least $50 in sales, or you can request an electronic funds transfer.
  • Booktango is a subsidiary of Penguin Books.



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