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Do you have a story to tell, but no time to sit down and write it? Maybe you've begun your manuscript, but it's turning into a bigger task than you imagined. A ghostwriter may be the answer!

  Ghostwriting Your Book

Ghostwriting involves an individual hiring a professional to write his/her book, articles, stories, or reports, which areGhost writing is a good option for busy people who want to author books. then officially credited to the hiring individual as the "author." It is not uncommon for celebrities, high-caliber executives, and political bigwigs to hire ghostwriters to draft, edit, or write their autobiographies, magazine or journal articles, blog posts, etc. However, many other authors also have reason to use ghostwriters.

Generally speaking, a ghostwriter does most of the writing themselves, following concepts, ideas, or storylines provided by the credited author. As such, it becomes a primary function of the ghostwriter to do extensive research about the author (in the case of an autobiography) or the specific subject of the book or article. The credited author has a vision for the book and its message, and it is up to the ghostwriter to help that vision come to fruition in the final draft of the work. 


View our infographic: Timeline of a Book.

 Preserving the Original Author's Voice
  While ghostwriting is a viable option for those who just don't have the time or skill to write their own material, it can be expensive. Additionally, we feel it is imperative for the author to maintain his or her own voice. This means that the final book, article, or other written piece contains the words, thoughts, and tone of the individual credited with writing it.

Let's face it: if you hire us to write your stuff and offer little to no input, it's going to wind up sounding like we wrote it, because WE WROTE IT. Make sense? If you want your book to sound like YOU wrote it, you must contribute your words to it, in some form. The more you contribute, the easier our job is, which ultimately helps you contain your costs.

Ready to begin? Let's Get Started NOW!

  If you'd like to pursue the ghostwriting option, contact us today to set up an initial 30-minute consultation. Once we decide to move forward together on your project, we will develop an outline for your book. You will provide us with as much information about the topic as possible (e.g., letters, documents, images, et.c) so that we can familiarize ourselves with you and your story. We will then set up a regular interview schedule, at your convenience. During each interview, we will guide you through a Q&A session about the scheduled outline topic The transcriptions of these interviews will form the basis for the manuscript of your book.  
  Getting Started
  We believe in you and your message and we truly want to see your message get out into the world. Contact us today at so we can discuss your specific ghostwriting needs.     

Ready to begin? Let's Get Started NOW!


You don't write because you want to say something.
You write because you have something to say.


F. Scott Fitzgerald



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