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  "I'm trying to be the man my dog thinks I am."
Anonymous male in a personal ad

Personal Ads


The entire goal of a personal ad is to attract someone's attention, and keep it long enough forWe'll write a personal ad that's guaranteed to get you a date! them to want to know more about you. You cannot do this if your ad is full of spelling errors; if you come on too strong; if you don't sound natural; if you're offensive, even without meaning to be; or if you're just too over-the-top in any way.


Are you serious about meeting someone? Want a personal ad that's GUARANTEED to get attention?

  That's a mighty big promise — how can you make such a guarantee?

Well, to be honest, we're that good. But on a more believable note, Laura was an accomplished single gal who did her share of dating. That all changed on July 31, 2009, when she met her future husband through an ad on Craigslist. That's right — Craigslist, the same place you buy scalped concert tickets and sell your broken down laptops. Yes, there are a LOT of creepos out there, so you have to be smart and protect yourself (e.g., tell someone you're going on your date, meet in a public place, trust your instincts, etc.). But we found that smart, funny ads are a great way to weed out the weirdos. Most of the trolls who want just one thing from you aren't going to bother with an ad that has context, humor, and depth.


Here's the ad Laura used to catch Johnny K's attention:




The happy couple got married on St. Patrick's Day 2011 in lovely Sedona, Arizona and now live with their 3 dogs and very tolerant cat.


We can do the same thing for you.

  The Rules
  1. You cannot lie about anything. They always find out, and then you're screwed. Or maybe not screwed, as the case may be. OK in trouble. Suffice it to say, lying's bad. Don't do it. Say you're a guy and you're 5'7" if you ever meet her in person, she is going to know you are not 6 feet tall. OK? If you're a gal and you're built like a Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, you cannot describe yourself as having an athletic build. Not even close. Use your common sense. They're not going to fall in love with you over the phone and forgive you later for your "little white lie." They're going to think you're the lying jerk that you are and you will continue to perpetuate all the ugly myths out there that no one "real" ever posts on those dating sites.
  2. You must be willing to be original. Trust us original works. Don't try to copy all the other guys and gals out there. Figure out what makes you different, and play that up. Not only will it make you stand out as unique, it also will go a long way toward attracting someone who likes you for you and that's what this is really all about, isn't it?

  3. You must 'fess up that you had help with the ad. Look it's not that big a deal. Even Einstein was a really crummy speller. In fact, they thought he was retarded for a long time. So you can't spell. No problem. But they're gonna know, the first time you ever send a follow-up e-mail. So when they ask, "Did you get help with your personal ad?" tell the truth. If any of that last sentence confuses you, please see #1: You cannot lie about anything.

  4. You may not steal our sample ads and try to pass them off as your own. Again, if any of this confuses you, please revisit #1: You cannot lie about anything.

  5. You must let us know about your successes with your ad. We know it works, so we're in this with you. Let us know how you do. Maybe invite us to the wedding? At the very least, when anyone asks how you came up with your very clever ad, send them our way!

 Sample Ads
  We're not exaggerating or lying. This really does work. Did we mention that Laura dated a lot before she met John? Well, most of those dates came through Craigslist. Here are a few sample ads that worked:  

Wanna Compare Notes?


Invitation for the Right Spiritually Open-Minded Man


Do You Have a Way With Words?


On Frogs and Mediums


Are You a Kind, Creative, Spiritual Explorer?

  Let's Get Started

Call us today to schedule your 15-minute phone interview. If you've already written an ad, send it to us and we'll give you our professional feedback. If you want us to write it from scratch, we can do that, too. The cost for us to write or rework your ad into a gem that promises to attract attention is just 50 a word, with a 100-word minimum.  Includes one free revision providing that the changes amount to less than 20 percent of the total text. Email us today to get started so that you can meet the guy or girl of YOUR dreams!


NOTE: Interviews that run longer than 15 minutes will be billed at $25 per each additional
15-minute increment.


Men and women chasing each other
is what makes the human race.

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